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Transaero Airlines was created in 1991 and has become one of the leading international airlines operating in Russia and the New Independent States (NIS). Transaero has flights to more than 28 destinations in Russia, the NIS and many international destinations. From Tashkent, Transaero flies three times per week to Los Angeles, connecting through Moscow. It is also possible to fly between Tashkent and London, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Tel Aviv with a connection in Moscow. Transaero also operates chartered flights to Spain, Italy, Portugal, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Contact Information in the United States:

Toll Free Number for Reservations in the United States and Canada: 1-800-957-2658.

Sales Office:
55 East Monroe Street
Chicago, Il 60603
Tel: (312)917-3200
Fax: (312)917-3203

New York City Sales Office:
610 Fifth Avenue, Suite 603
New York, Ny 10020
Tel: (212)582-0505
Fax: (212)582-0735

Contact Information in Uzbekistan:
Tashkent Airport Office:
Transaero Airlines
Tashkent International Airport, 3 Floor
Tel: 55-15-05, 50-49-31

Reservation Office:
17 Pushkin Street
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: 33-76-38, 33-99-35

Also, you can ckeck out their site and book your flight at

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